Andy Logan is a musician, songwriter and author. He was the lead guitarist and co-lead singer for Geffen recording artists Little America, and has had songs place in the finals or semifinals in International songwriting contests eight times. He was voted “most humorous” in his senior class, and was once told by a guy he barely knew that he was “flat out hilarious”, which earned him (in his eyes) the credentials to write this book. Andy lives in Nashville with his wife Alison, his son Alec, and an African Grey parrot named Ella. Although he has numerous musical recordings to his credit, this is his first book. Alison Logan is a Canadian born artist and illustrator. She has a BFA in Illustration. Alison is a commissioned portrait artist, a member of The Portrait Society of America, and has exhibited in Buffalo, NY, Nashville, TN, and Frankin, TN. Alison has taught art professionally for 15 years. She works in a variety of styles and mediums and enjoys the resulting chaos.